Drift Car Master List

Here is the list of car specs I've found for what I consider drift worthy cars. Most of this is through wikipedia entries, so things like horsepower are very much a stab in the dark. Clicking column headers will sort them in either direction. If you'd like to correct an entry, want a new column, or see a car not listed, please comment below or email me at protomor at gmail!
Styling of the grid is a work in progress
Make Model Year Range Med Curb Wt Wt Dist Front Susp Rear Susp Wheelbase width Peak HP
{{row.make}} {{row.model}} {{row.year}} {{row.weight}} {{row.distribution}} {{row.frontsuspension}} {{row.rearsuspension}} {{row.wheelbase}} {{row.width}} {{row.hp}}
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  2. Tri Tran says:

    Thanks for compiling this list!

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