Drift on Assetto Corsa for $20 or less

Not everyone is ready to throw down hundreds or thousands of dollars for a fanatec or logitech wheel setup. Maybe you just want to bang doors with your friends. Here’s a guide on how to join the fun for as cheap as possible.

What do I buy?

All you have to do is buy Assetto Corsa on Steam! Sometimes, the humble bundle will have it on sale for less. So keep an eye out.

The season pass and ultimate edition just have expansion packs. There’s also a competition version of Assetto Corsa, but that’s like iRacing where it’s league based. We just want to jam out.

What Platform is Assetto on?

Assetto Corsa is available on PS4 but does not support mods. So, unfortunately, you need a PC. Thankfully, Assetto is a 6 year old game so any computer with recent enough hardware can play it. Even laptops. You might not have graphics settings to max, but that’s ok! Click the link under the image below for more in depth information on the system specs needed.

What Hardware do I need?

You can play with a mouse and keyboard but that’s really difficult. If you already have a Play Station or Xbox, you can simply hook up one of those controllers to your computer.

PS4 to PC guide

Xbox One to PC guide

Otherwise, Amazon sells really cheap controllers too. But your mileage may vary.

Setting up the Controller

This part is up for debate but try out various settings for controllers until something works for you.

General Settings to try

Xbox One Controller specific settings

If you find perfect settings for controllers, please let me know!

Now What?

Now that you’re setup, click this guide to install cars/tracks and get onto our server. Note that the cars are still current but track isn’t. Join the Facebook group for the most up to date content.

Click here for a guide on setting the game up and getting the most out of it.

That’s it!

For $20, it’s a pretty good way to test the waters of sim racing. When we can’t get to the track in real life, we can at least text/voice chat while crashing into our friends on familiar tracks. Driving with a controller in a sim is challenging. But it can help you evaluate if you really want to get a steering wheel/VR/cockpit.

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