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Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 10

Beta units have been sent out and I finally got a chance to test out my own unit at the track. So far my own personal use has shown quite a few enhancements I would like. But overall the logging … Continue reading

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E30 Brake System Overview

While troubleshooting my general brake issues, I found numerous gaps in my own knowledge. So here is my current understanding of the general E30 brake system (within reason). To start, late model E30s (not sure about before) have a 17mm … Continue reading

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Manual brakes – LS E30 problems

The LS swapped E30 inherently has to ditch the vacuum assisted brakes. Directly bolting the factory master cylinder to the firewall causes a large increase in pedal effort that isn’t acceptable. For this reason, the brakes cannot be left alone. … Continue reading

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Wiring gauges and automotive 12v systems

The other day I upgraded my anemic 16″ pusher fan for a smaller fan that pushed out twice as much air. Sadly, it’s amp rating went from 15 ish to 25 amps. I wired in the new fan in place … Continue reading

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Differences in wrenching: E30 -> E36 -> E46

As of this past weekend, I’ve finally parted out at least one of every one of these three chassis. Having the most experience in the E30, I figured I would like it best overall. This write up is purely based … Continue reading

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100 DoD 12/6/15 lessons learned

This “lessons learned” post is actually 2 events out from the last entry. Since then, of course, I’ve made a few major changes. Mainly, the conversion from hydroboost assisted brakes to full on manual brakes. The brakes went from over … Continue reading

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Drift Nirvana 9/13/15 lessons learned

I made a few key changes to the car before this outing. The first is an upgrade to 245/40/17 tires in the rear instead of the old 235/45/17s that I actually ran for 2 years. All sets were Federal 595s … Continue reading

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E30 Secondary Hydraulic Handbrake

Introduction: Secondary handbrake systems have many advantages and only a few minor disadvantages to in-line hydraulic handbrakes. The main disadvantage of full secondary systems is added unsprung weight. With lightweight parts like wilwood calipers, this is mitigated fairly well. In … Continue reading

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