Yoshi’s Garage Sale

Computer stuff:
Server half rack with 3x DL360s (gen 2 or 3 I think)
32 flat TV
Motion Rig for sim racing (2dof arduino based)
Double torque G27 logitech and pedals (needs shifter)
Random flat screen monitors
xbox kinect
G29 universal wheel adapter (metal)
i5 8600k processor

Car stuff:
RX7 oil cooler (never used.)
2x M54B25 intake manifolds
2x M54B30 intake manifolds (need to verify both)
E46 M3 front knuckles and brake calipers
E46 M3 brake booster and master
laser key cutter
Subaru rotors (2006 impreza)
Early model e46 sedan headlights with turn signals
E46 headers/cats
E39 differential center (no case)
E46 Manual trans brace
E46 starter
E46 alternator
LS2 Alternator (might be bad)
Early model sedan E46 tail lights (cody)
E46 fan resistor (new in box)
Dual vanos alignment tools
Cam locking tools for BMWs
Misc fluids
2x MS43 DMEs (coded to your needs)
AK90 BMW key coder
Misc Scrap metal and bolts
E46 M54 engine harness
E46 cluster
2x M54B25 MAFs
Valve cover beauty covers and fuel rail cover
E46 coolant hoses
E46 fuel rails
E46 poly shifter bushing
Powder coated purple HX35 7 blade compressor
Old gopro hero 3
Old gopro hero 4
Misc gopro attachments/sticks/etc
M50 non vanos purple powder coated valve cover

Workout Stuff:
Battle ropes
Recumbent bike
Pullup bar

Dorm fridge
Race car bed
Old generator gas motor
12v dual motor i8 bmw power wheels
Disney mini mouse 6v ATV (no mods)
razor e150 scooter (needs batteries)
Chili’s table top

Yoshi’s Drift car:
SLR Super Angle kit
2x Sparco bucket seats with 5 point harnesses
Fortune 510s (spare spring rates)
Cage (Alexander fabrication)
CSF Radiator + fans + controller
Rebuilt LS2+T56 (committed service brand)
LS Swap kit (mounts/exhaust/driveshaft/wiring/etc)
M3 rear suspension with stock 3.62 differential
Hydro hand brake with 2psi residual valve (committed service brand)
clutch masters clutch
oil cooler + lines
Strut bar by Victor Valentino
Fuel system upgraded
Solid rear subframe/diff bushings
Upgraded HP2 Power steering pump
Home brew cool suit
Fiberglass roof panel
4 sets of rear M3 rims(18×10)
245/40/18 tires (negotiable)

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