Cheap AF Cool Suit

No talk. Gimme parts to order

Total: $234.50

Tech Talk Time

The basic parts list comes to about $60. The other $180 is for a legit cool suit and fittings. I personally chose this route because:

  • I suck at sewing
  • I don’t have patience to sew all those lines
  • I’m sure they routed the lines better than I could
  • Dry break fittings are nice so I don’t leak everywhere

Regardless of the shirt, the 12v pump is hot glued or bolted or affixed somehow to the bottom of the cooler. The double ended barbs and wiring are routed to a high point on the cooler where they are hot glued to prevent leaks. From there, the 5/16 hose can be routed. to the barbs and out to the cool suit. It’s also recommended to put a filter or sliced up 5/16 hose on the pump’s intake to prevent clogs.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have a fire suit, you’ll need to cut an access hole
  • My rig is setup to run on ignition on. But if no suit is plugged in, you might burn out the motor
  • Smaller coolers weigh less but require more refilling. I went through 3 bags of ice and still ran out with my 5 quart.
  • Think about the easiest way to drain the box.
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