Welcome and the basic idea

I used to have one of these in the past so I’ve decided to resurrect it.  Most of this is simply to write things down for future archiving. Lessons learned, ideas, or just amusing myself. The other side to this is to allow others to gain knowledge or help me gain knowledge. We’ll see how spam filters work. Everything posted will be categorized so that anyone can view only the content of mine they like.

So if you enjoy or want to help, thanks! Otherwise, I really don’t care.

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  1. Yoshi,

    Your site is a sight … uh, blog, with some tremendous information. I’ve put a small write-up and some links on my site (mentioned above) and on my corresponding FB page.

    I hope you are cool with me doing this. If not let me know and I will remove the post immediately as well as the FB post from my timeline.

    I think you are doing the FD, D1, and drifting fans in general a great service by explaining, extremely well I may add, in terms that many can understand and even appreciate.

    I for one will be returning regularly and would very much like to highlight more of your posts. Anyway, keep it up!


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