Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 0

I love drifting but I hate how subjective it is. I do enjoy some of the subjectivity but things like “did he straighten out” or “was he off clip” should be easily and definitively answerable. I also love data. I have a G27 steering wheel and play GT6 drift modes trying to best my scores over and over again. And I want that in my car. Hopefully I can do it for less than $200.

As a result, I’ve ordered this obd2 arduino logger. It comes with an OBD2 interface that will log to an external SD card along with gps/accelerometer data. Eventually, I hope to put in an expansion IO board to capture external sensors like the hydraulic hand brake, regular brake (percentage), and clutch. Newer obd2 cars have steering wheel sensors but I might have to retrofit one on my car. I’d also like to get a second accelerometer to derive slip angle during runs.data logger sample screen

The hope is to create a screen that will display basic diagnostic data in real time (temperatures/pressures/CEL codes) and also sense drifts to score them like most video games. Finish a run, get a score, gloat to your friends.


  • Score/log drifts and drift telemetry
  • Map out courses on tracks via google maps and the gps
  • General data logging to SD card
  • Data logger analyzer
  • CEL read outs and ability to clear codes
  • Gauge readouts in real time
  • Flashing yellow and red “Danger to manifold” screen
  • No frills always on capability (start up the car and it logs)

Once I get the board, the first steps will be showing basic gauges and logging OBD2 data to the SD card. From there, I’ll move onto other inputs and extras.

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