Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 5

OK I lied. The urge to work on the expansion of inputs won over and I’ve done a bunch of research into that. The I2C connector the OBD2 plug uses is an expandable bus while the UART plug is only able to take in a single input. As a result, I made the decision to use another arduino (uno) on the I2C bus using the existing plug on the LCD TFT screen. This gives me another set of digital and analog inputs that can be farther away from the main unit (without tons of wires all over). This will also make a great way to mount a second accelerometer to calculate slip angles later.

Anyway, some sexy mods I did was to figure out how to make a basic dial gauge. I’m going to use it for RPMs since the tachometer doesn’t work on the LS E30. It’s also very noteworthy that the lag time between the car’s tach in the IG video and the arduino is minimal. This beats out most bluetooth solutions I’ve used in the past. This makes me very happy.

I’m still ordering parts here and there for the new arduino setup. But in the man time, I should be able to start to build out the UI. I’d like to get it broken into a few different useful screens. One will likely be checking and clearing DTCs and one will likely be just a main gauge readout. I figure I’ll have a third for reading out tons of other stuff but I haven’t fully filled out that thought process yet.

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