Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 7

It seems like every time I make a post on this project, I do completely different things than I set out to do in the post. I wound up cleaning up some code (but not much). I realized that the gauge animation code ate up a significant amount of time between PID polls so I managed to get a 4 PID from 600ms down to about 150. After that, I did some GUI improvements. The Subaru ECU still proves to be temperamental but things consistently work.

Originally, I wanted the log parser in a web application format but I don’t have time to learn everything I want to. So I started up a windows application. The application is still very fragile but it does load up logs and let you see data points as well as mix and match logged elements. It gives things like time stamps as well as parsing the GPS information.

I copied over the KML google earth code that I wrote and then wound up rewriting almost completely. I managed to get it to take in the GPS data but colorize the line based on any other logged data. The image below shows the line plot with speed information overlayed. Red is where the vehicle was stopped and green was my top speed for that log.

From here, I’d really like to output this data to something that can be imported by a video editor and overlayed on some in car footage. I also might go back to trying to get external input logging reliably. Or I might clean up code some more. I’m not entirely sure.

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