Japanese Translation: Drift Tengoku – Zeknova RS606 and Super Sport RS Review

Here is another Japanese translation, mainly for my education. If you have requests, feel free to comment or email me to let me know. Parenthesis generally denote my notes or comments.

Title: Drift tire commentary. Test & Check

Red banner and Subtitle: Zenkova’s 2 types. How will this footwear stack up?

Article body (top left onto next page): Within the past several years’ tires, Zeknova stands out. This company’s tires are very useful for a main tire that can be used for competitions or regular driving. 2019 D1GP driver Daigo SAito is driving his Fat Five A90 supra using their RS606 tire. Even with this new car and development, the car has placed second and 4th in previous standings. The RS606 has much potential to go beyond this level. Formula Drift Japan Masadai (sp?) managed pretty well after a typhoon wet the track. The RS606 is a good high level/high grip tire while the Super Sport has a greater cost per lap ratio. There’s no doubt that Zeknova will be a tire to watch out for in the future.

Red Title Super Sport RS: Strongest tire for fun driving or competitions

Super Sport Subtext: Decent value to grip ratio. Good life for the cost per tire for drift practice. This tire also lasts very well for drift competitions. Tread wear was even across the tire sizes at 240.

Red Title RS606: Comp winning high grip tire.

RS606 Subtext: High speed high grip tire that can be used for competitions. This tire also has good tread to make it through water but also has good dry grip. Tread wear is 140/160/200/240 across the 4 subtypes. Even with full air, the large size responds very well.

Text Bubble: Pick a tire size based on your power level! The Super Sport can be used for comps or fun!

Caption: The RS606 is used by pro drivers for it’s high grip in D1 and FD. The Super Sport RS was picked by D1 judged for use in the series (note to self, clarify this). This tire has placed 6th in the top 16 frequently.

*For text body see 2 panels above

Green/White Text: New Drift Tengoku tire test mule!

Body: Wataru Mashisan (sp?) the school of drift champ and FD Japan driver and this year’s tournament champion. This S15 has been his general test car and competition car for a while. It is used to test both competition and general drift tires.

Black Box Text: Testing Rules – Tire pressure starts at 2.5kg/cm2 (~35psi) to get a feel for the car. On the second heat, pressure is lowered to 1.2kb/cm2 (~17psi) to test grip. The test car is the “MassBear” (????) S14 with a TD06-20G good for 400ps (395hp). Front tires are a Valino Pergea 08R with 235/40/18. Testing is done at Nikko about 1pm at 56.6 degrees (130F) road temp. This testing effected not only the tires, but the car and driver.

RS606 Heat 1 (top left): This tire was tested at great speeds. Even with the air so high, the side might not have done well (side bite?). Flooring it causes a feeling of side traction loss. It’s hard to stop the rear once it’s out so less air is likely better.

RS606 Heat 2: Just as we though, lowering the tire pressures gave more side grip. This felt much better. Even with 400ps, there still is some grip left in the tires. Although, these tires have a shorter life than the Super Sport RS tires. Even with this, it is still a very usable tire.

Super Sport Heat 1: This is way too much air for this tire. After 5 laps they were hard to catch and maintain in a drift. The overall balance really isn’t that good at this pressure when it comes to side grip. There’s still some ability left in the tire.

Super Sport Heat 2: This completely changed the tire but also eats through the tire faster. With partial acceleration, this helps this tire become a pro level tire [D1 light series]. This has a good amount of grip left in the tires.

Bottom Right Pic: Soukoukai tire – These are the tires after our 2 heats. Corners 1-6 and about 5 laps per heat overall.

Red Middle Text: The RS is an FD/D1 capable car while the Super Sport is great for practice and just having fun. Both are very good tires!

Under Left Graphic: Even with the high road temps, the RS606 would be a great battling tire for comps. In our second heat, the RS606 seemed like a very capable dry tire that wears very evenly.

The RS Super sport was pretty good even with high pressures and had very good life in them. At a soukoukai, these could go for a full day on 2 sets. With about 300ps, these would be a great cost per tire. I will be using these as my practice tire on my silvia.

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