Assetto Corsa Tips and Tricks

This is a general post on tips that are the most helpful when drifting (non VR) in Assetto Corsa.


  1. Virtual Mirror: F11 toggles this on and off. Depending on what car you’re driving, the rear view mirror isn’t in the best spot, or visible at all. If F11 doesn’t work, try this link
  2. Use in game chat: Move your mouse to the right when in game and driving to pull down the main menu. One of the options will be for a chat window.
  3. Join the Discord: Search for the “Drift Nirvana” discord to chat with us while we play. The voice channel is invaluable to organize trains and tell people where you are.
  4. Bind headlights and horn to buttons you can use. It’s really helpful to signal to other players you can’t chat with. (In content manager, click settings in the top right, Assetto Corsa in the middle of the top panel. Controls, then buttons).
  5. Can’t find a server? Make sure the empty/full/missing options aren’t checked. Should look like this:

6. Enable showing drivers’ names so you know who’s who (also kph to mph):

7. When installing a new track/car pack, it’s best to delete the old folder first. Leaving in the old folder might cause checksum errors when you log into the server.

In Depth fixes

Bind “Teleport to Pits”!!! When you spin out in front of people or just want to get back to grid quickly, this button will help you a ton!


Custom shaders patch is a great way to add visual enhancements to the game

Set favorite servers!

Change your name and nationality

General shortcut keys (stolen from google):

CTRL+R : replay
CTRL+S : slow motion (replay)
CTRL+A : ABS on/off
CTRL+T : cycle traction control modes
CTRL+H : show/hide apps
CTRL+O : restart session
CTRL+L : disable names
CTRL+M : toggle mouse steering
CTRL+G : gearbox Auto
CTRL+I : racing line on/off
CTRL+Q : damage displayer on/off
CTRL+J : show damage displayer

F1 : cycle car cameras
F2 : random cameras
F3 : track cameras
F5 : pivot camera around the car
F6 : cycle on-board cameras
F8 : in-game screenshot
F9 : toggle bottom learderboard
F11 : toggle virtual mirror
F12 : (Steam related) screenshot
+/- : Change Force Feedback (disabled in replays)
Ctrl +/- : Change onboard FOV
Ctrl Shift +/- : Change saturation
PageUp/Down : adjust exposure
Home : Open/close console
1 .. 0 : Turbo boost management

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