Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 10

Beta units have been sent out and I finally got a chance to test out my own unit at the track. So far my own personal use has shown quite a few enhancements I would like. But overall the logging features are working as intended.

This first image shows overall vehicle speed from the GPS (in yellow), coolant temp (in orange), and intake air temperatures (in red). What surprised me was that my coolant temps actually lowered while sideways. They went from 201F down to 192F. This gives me a lot more confidence in my cooling system. I was concerned that my intake temperatures were 92F at idle and got up to 104F. Over 40mph things seem to calm down. I might want to make a heat shield for the cone filter to get cooler air.

The GPS plot out is a nice to show how things apply during the run itself. Google maps doesn’t seem to be 100% accurate so seeing how far off you are from a clipping point can’t be done. The picture above plots coolant temps geographically. The pink color (waiting on grid) is the hottest and orange section on the straight away is where the coolant was the coolest.

This last picture is a plot out of rpm (in red), speed (in orange), and throttle (in yellow). It does seem like a jumbled mess but it shows a point (the green pin) on course where I’ve floored the gas pedal after I’ve dropped off for a bit (note the drop in RPM and throttle just before the red line marker). This is a point where I could have been better with my throttle control. If I had kept consistent on the throttle, I wouldn’t have needed to floor the gas pedal to make it into the straight away.

After reviewing the data, I found a few useful car “health” indicators that I can work on and a few driving points where I can improve. I’m still working on how best to change the UI and incorporate what I want but so far I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished for $180.

My next step from here is to fix the export feature to overlay this data on video using DashWare. Right now the time frames don’t match up and the plots run 4x faster than the video. Hopefully it’s an easy fix.

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