Yoshi’s Assetto Corsa Server

Too Long. Give me the quick and dirty:

Current server name and IP: or search “Summit Point Raceway: Drift Nirvana”
Discord (log into the voice chat!): https://discord.gg/Dj5aNTC
Link to ALL car/track downloads
WDT Tires (if you need to download them separately

How do I play and what do I buy?
How to install the cars/tracks and settings (don’t use this for anything else. It’s out of date)
Tips and tricks

The Cars

We use a basics of Tando Buddies ProAm cars but the download car pack already includes WDT tires and a 350z that’s probably also Tando Buddies. WDT tires (direct download here) have been chosen because they are realistic and currently accepted as one of the best for drifting. The cars have been chosen due to their ease of entry. They are easy cars to hop into and get the hang of.

Track – Summit Point Raceway

Our home track Summit Point Raceway has all tracks modeled for as much accuracy in the track surface as possible. It’s V1 and still rough around the edges but fun to drive. It includes 5 circuits, Summit Point Circuit, Jefferson Circuit (with extension approximately modeled), Potomac Circuit, Shenandoah Circuit, and Washington Circuit.

Track – Summit Point Fantasy

This is a course of my design. The goal was to limit straight-aways and transition time to start lines/other courses. 99% drifting for close tandems. The course uses bridge, transitions into “the hook” and pistol grip, into Jefferson legacy, and finally into the “cave esses” from pistol grip but mirrored. The entire course can be completed without straightening and in a continuous loop.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gJ-kacfJxfa8vd6dp5Jw8gHenwvLJ9yt

Track – Old Dominion Speedway

ODS was a track where I got my start. It’s one of the oldest oval tracks on the east coast and is now town homes. Thankfully, USGS had LIDAR data to resurrect this track.

Track – Seneca Circuit AKA Panthera Training

Panthera is a training facility that happens to have a road course. Not many have been to it and it’s a very difficult track.

Track – Shenandoah Speedway

Another local track. Also created using LIDAR data. Still in the basics, but it’s playable.