Driver theory: Jefferson Expansion Pre-writeup

This will likely be my last event for the year as I have a baby coming so I figured I would tackle a track I haven’t ever driven before. The great Jefferson Expansion. It’s known for being a fast and not drift friendly course.

The map below shows the whole course. The section for drifting is turns 1-11. Though I’ll likely stop drifting around turn 10 to save tires.


Here’s a quick video of a friend’s first real lap around the course:

The biggies are turns 4 and 5. These are the ones that aren’t too drift friendly. They are very gradual corners with a long stretch between them. David makes it look easy but I figure it’ll be a lot of hand brake action. The wisdom I was given was to stay shallow through those sections as to not over rotate and make stretching the corner impossible.

The other issue is turn 7. Which is a blind, down hill, decreasing radius corner. But really, that’s just a matter of slowing down enough. I’m not foreseeing much of an issue with the corner, but it isn’t too forgiving if you mess it up.

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