Driver Theory: Jefferson Expansion Post Mortem

Well that did not go according to plan. Jefferson wound up getting run in a reverse configuration. The course started at the #11 corner station and ran clockwise until corner station/corner #1.

CaptureI only managed to get 2 honest runs in before I gave up for the day (1 normal drive through first). I almost crashed both runs and decided to cool down elsewhere. Pushing when frustrated has led to previous crashes so I tried to recognize my limits (excuses).

In reverse, the track actually flows quite well. There are only 2 major sticking points. The first is corner 8. Stretching the first corner (10) into 9 puts you into a slight straight away before corner 8. You can’t see how tight the corner becomes so over shooting is easy. This corner ended at least 2 driver’s days an is where I went off on my first run.

The second sticking point is the corner set of 5/4/3. They are gentle corners with long straight-aways. The first half of the course, I was constantly on the rev limiter in third, so stretching the second half in the same gear probably isn’t possible. I straightened of flew off the course entirely in this section.

With more practice, I’m confident the majority of the course is doable. It’s simply the 5/4/3 section that needs an upshift that I’ve never done before. 3rd gear allows for up to a 60mph average speed. So 4th will likely easily hit 80. The bar has raised and I can’t wait to hit it.

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