Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 3

Well at least I’ve made some form of progress. I originally wanted to make the log files queue all data then export gut the gps polling and other parts of the system don’t update in unison so it was simpler to leave the logs the way they came from Freematics.

I did whip up this quick windows application to parse the log files into separate bits. Ideally, I want to create a web application that will do all of this regardless of your operating system. For now, I just needed something to take the log files spat out and turn them into the KML format to load into google maps/earth.

The KML file format is a bit foreign to me but I did manage to get it to load. Eventually, I’d like to make the line color change according to accel/decel so you can more accurately view your data.

The data is even good enough to see what lane I’m in. Which is good considering the GPS unit I have is the cheap/slow/inaccurate model. I think the altitude is also a bit off or google maps doesn’t have their altitude right on the map.

On top of this, I have managed to get buttons to work on the touch screen. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to use them for, but I have them. In the mean time, I’ve become obsessed with figuring out why the unit won’t connect to my daily driver 2–7 Subaru. It’s technically some form of CAN bus. But regardless, the unit should connect. Older Subarus are “ISO 9141-2” and mine falls into a weird split where google isn’t helpful. Either the car is “KWP2000 FAST” or “CAN 11bit 500K”. None of these settings seem to work.

Without it, I can’t test full data logging without driving around the race car. Winter is not the best time to drive it around.

I’m not entirely sure what my next steps are. I might bang my head against this OBD Protocol issue until I figure it out. If I do, I’ll either work on the UI of the device itself or start working on parsing data logs to find useful information. I did have this idea for a G force readout animation. The arduino might not be able to render that much though.

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