Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 8

A bunch of miscellaneous things have gotten done but nothing super substantial. The logger viewer is basically in limbo for now. I had a bunch of feature requests and things that I thought would be useful. The GUI layout has changed drastically as I feel it’s very important to see everything at once. As a result, the application now opens in full screen mode.

The finished features include the following:

  • Play back functionality now working correctly
  • Integrated google maps into viewer
  • “Pin” location animated during playback
  • Accelerometer bubble
  • Torque log import/export features
  • Custom heat mapping for gps plotting (kml exportable)
  • General bug fixes/Gui updates

The important thing to note is that Torque logs are now accepted and exported. There is some video overlay software called DashWare I’d like to try out. Regardless, every video overlay software I found requires very rigid inputs and it seemed simpler to just export in a simple and known format.

Other than that, the main arduino unit itself now properly logs data fed in by the slave Arduino Uno. I’ve also tested input from a $4.27 GM clutch position switch (ACDelco part# D2203D). Eventually more inputs will be added but this is the simplest start to the process.

The main arduino mega unit now takes in config files for PIDs. I’m doing a limited release for some beta testers and I don’t want anyone to HAVE to compile and upload the arduino code. As a result, doing config files and images through the SD card is essential. Unfortunately, Freematics no longer sells the exact kit I originally ordered 2 years ago. On the bright side, the new unit has additional inputs and much better hardware options (better GPS module). I’m hoping to not have to recode much but some is to be expected.

So the near future to do list includes recoding for the new hardware, expanding configurations, and displaying your full PID list/etc on the diagnostics screen.

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