Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 9

Ok well it’s almost been a month but a ton has been done. I managed to gather 4 beta testers and get a few of the newer arduinos. The screen is a higher resolution (I think 480×320 instead of 320×240) and shows much better in daylight than the old model. I think the aspect ratio of the screens are different so I’ll eventually need to redo the backgrounds. On top of that, there are now 4 plugs on the side (not that exciting), there is a reset button on the top, and the SD slot has been relocated to the top as well.

I had some issues with the touch screen and images showing up backwards but that’s fixed. I also had an issue with the touch screen sensitivity that the maker of this unit helped me fix.

The diagnostics screen now shows the list of logged PIDs dynamically with what’s in the config file within the SD card. Many bits of screen materials needed to be moved around for the new resolution. There is also new test code to properly read out DTCs that I’d like to test soon. I somehow broke the “Live Data” rpm code but I’d like to make that do more than just the time and RPMs.

For now, I’m working on documentation and polishing these units to be sent out for beta testing. I’m interested to see how people use this. If things go well, I hope to have enough feedback to do some firmware upgrades and logger upgrades. Finally, I have a drift event in just over a week so I’d love to finally test my outputs for video overlay.

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