Drift Nirvana SC 3/26/17 lessons learned

*Disclaimer – This is mainly a brain dump for my own personal archive

Lesson of the day: Originally, my intent (as it has been the last few events) has to become accustomed to LFB and its proper usage. I did get plenty of Left Foot Braking in, but that was more from the Crown Vics we now use to teach newbies the basics. Basically, they get the steering wheel and I run the pedals on the skid pad.

I actually am playing with LFB in this video below

Regardless, the major point of the day were the 225 40psi Achilles ATR tires I was running. I’ve been told these tires have “less side bite” and I always assumed it was one of those subtle nuances that only good drivers could feel. But no. It was very apparent that the car wanted to float out whenever I was off throttle. If I was on throttle, the car gripped up and slid nicely. Unfortunately, by the time I was getting used to their grip level, they were already dead. After my 4th run, they were too loose to be of any use. By my 6th run, they were dead. So sadly, I barely got any seat time and had no time to practice LFB. They do smoke the most out of any tire I’ve ever used.

Next time, I’ll try to run some triangle tires as I hear they last a long time. I also hear they don’t grip too well and that they don’t smoke. At this point, longevity means the most to me.

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