Yoshi’s Drift Box: Day 11

To follow up on the last posting, I managed to get the output to Dashware to work correctly. Turns out the GPS isn’t a reliable source of timing.

I wound up having a few issues with finding and syncing datalogs to video. The Gopro was numbering runs by the run in its own order while the logger just continuously took several laps until I turned off the unit. This made linking up what went where difficult.

To solve this, the logger now has a “split” button where it closes the current log and starts a new one. This way, you can format the Gopro to start the file naming from 001 and the logger will do the same. Each run, the Gopro will increment and you can hit the “split” button on the Carduino to keep things in line. When splitting, the screen will flash white so it will help sync the seconds in Dashware. On top of this, the logger now always displays the file ID so you could flash gang signs at the camera or write down the file ID somewhere.

With this addition, the Carduino’s gui is in shambles so I’d like to rewrite it somehow. I’d also like to start coding the drift scoring mechanism. Although that requires the secondary arduino to be setup and logging things like angle and steering angle position.

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  1. p_kav says:

    Oh, the comments are finally works!
    Did you manage to measure drift angle? What algorythm do you use for this? I am building same device based on MPU-9250 chip. It requires a non-linear temperature compensation and gyro-drift still exists. I copied drift angle measurement and error-cancelation algorythm from Racelogic Driftbox, but I don’t like that algorythm it at all.

    • Yoshi says:

      Hey sorry been away from this project for a while. Where did you get the racelogic algorithm? Gimme a copy! lol.

      I never did get drift angle working because I don’t like the accelerometer based calculations. It’s inherently impossible to get real time accurate data. Even then, “drift angle” doesn’t have a consensus on what it really is.

      My solution to this is to make a hood mounted weathervane and take degree measurements from that. It’s the simplest method to get angle. I just need to figure out how to not make it ugly lol.

      • p_kav says:


        I bought a Racelogic, tried it and found out how it measures drift angle. Then I rewrote the algoritm to my device, and it seems to work. The algorythm is not ideal, I’ll try to improve it.

        I sent my device to a friend, and he recorded a video of his drift. “Steering angle” == drift angle. Will buy RaceRender later. 🙂 Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0SXfjkh7Pw

        P. S. Sorry for my poor English, it’s not my native language.

        • Yoshi says:

          Hahaha! I love the 360. The algorithm seems to work well enough. It still reads angle when you aren’t drifting though. There isn’t a perfect answer and it makes me so angry.

          • p_kav says:

            If the drift angle is angle between direction where car is moving and direction where car is pointing, then it seems to be correct. When car turns without drifting, it rotates slightly faster than changes directions, so angles during regular turns are seem to be OK. Racelogic manual says the same, up to 10 degrees during regular cornering, and my Racelogic shows same angles.

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